7.4V Cylindrical lithium battery, 18650 2200mAh Handheld Ultrasonic water depth meter battery

Short Description:

7.4V Cylindrical lithium battery product model: XL 7.4V 2200mAh
7.4V Cylinder lithium battery technical parameters (specific design according to customer requirements – voltage / capacity / size / line)
Single battery model: 18650
Packing method:Industrial PVC heat shrinkable film
Wire model: UL1007 22AWG

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.Voltage of single cell: 3.7V
.Nominal voltage after battery pack combination: 7.4V
.Capacity of single battery: 2.2ah
.Battery combination mode: 2 strings 1 parallel
.Voltage range of battery after combination:5.0~8.4V
.Battery capacity after combination: 2.2ah
.Battery pack power: 16.28w
.Battery pack size: 20* 39 * 67mm
.Maximum discharge current: < 2.2A
. Instantaneous discharge current: 4.4A~6.6A
.Maximum charging current: 0.2-0.5c
.Charging and discharging times: > 500 times

7.4V 2200mAh 白底 (3)

Primary Competitive Advantages:

Product Features;Prompt Delivery;Quality Approvals;Reputation;Service;Small Orders Accepted;Origin;Distributorships Offered;Experienced Staff;Product Performance;Green Product;Guarantee/Warranty;International Approvals;Military Specifications;Packaging;Price

XUANLI Advantages:

1. Technology-With more than 20 years of battery manufacturing and automatic production line, xuanli can guarantee our products better products.

2. R&D-Experienced R&D team with over 20 engineers for supporting ODM requirements

3. Safety-Various tests are done at XUANLI to ensure the safety of our products for our customers.

4. Certificates-ISO、UL,CB,KC certificated.

5. Service-XUANLI has a professional sales team to provide professional project solutions and after-sale services.

Cells production process:

First from raw materials drying- mixing- coating -electrode drying- calendaring -cutting- punching- stacking- tab welding- short circuit checking- pre packing -electrolyte injection -pre formation- degassing gas -bag cutting -folding- code printing- formation -aging- finished products

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