7.4V Lithium polymer battery packs, 803450 1300mAh Square lithium battery

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7.4V Polymer lithium battery Product model: XL 7.4V 1300mAh

7.4V Polymer battery technical parameters (specifically can be designed according to customer requirements-voltage/capacity/size/line)

Single battery model: 803450

Packing method: PVC heat shrinkable film

Single battery model: 803450

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· Single battery voltage: 3.7V

· Nominal voltage after the battery pack is assembled: 7.4V

· Single battery capacity: 1300mAh

· Battery combination: 2 string and 1 parallel

· Battery voltage range after combination: 5.0V~8.4V

· Battery capacity after combination: 1300mAh

· Battery pack power: 9.62W

· Battery pack size: 16*34.5*53mm

· Maximum discharge current: <1.3A

· Instantaneous discharge current: 2.6A~3.9A

· Maximum charging current: 0.2-0.5C

· Charge and discharge times: >500 times

7.4V 1300mAh 063954 白底 (1)

7.4V Cylindrical lithium battery

.Meet the relevant national standards and requirements for batteries
.All finished battery products are calibrated and tested before delivery. They can be used directly and normally.

This is a lithium battery that can be used in LCD advertising players,

With the diversification of information channels for human beings, new advertising screens are spreading rapidly: vehicle-mounted advertising screens, elevator advertising screens, building TV advertising screens, LCD advertising screens, etc. have penetrated into every corner of our lives, supermarkets, bank halls, etc. , Railway station platforms and other places can see the presence of advertising players at any time.
Since the advertising screen itself has a small working current, but the required power supply time is very long, generally high-capacity batteries are combined into a high-capacity finished battery to meet the requirements of its power supply time, and high safety is required.
The backup power supply for LCD advertising screens designed by Xuanli Company adopts a lithium-ion battery design scheme, which requires lithium batteries to provide long-term power supply requirements, which can meet the use of backup power supply for advertising screens in different occasions. The appearance design of the backup power supply is in full compliance with the product. With the overall design, the battery can be installed and replaced at any time.

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